The London Festival of Architecture

The world’s largest architectural festival returns to grace the capital with an eclectic collection of public events from the 1st – 30th June, this year delving into the theme of identity.

As avid property developers, we have been eagerly anticipating this month-long celebration of architecture – it is a fantastic showcase of brilliant works and insightful innovations. We take this opportunity to look towards the fascinating identity behind one of our own developments – Pinks Mews.

About the London Festival of Architecture

Ever since its beginnings in 2004, the London Festival of Architecture has drawn crowds from the general public and global media alike, to celebrate the capital as a hub of architectural experimentation, practise, and debate. Comprising this year’s festivities is a programme of almost 500 events, from captivating walking tours that take a candid look at the industry’s inner workings, to enthralling installations that offer novel responses to the festival’s overarching theme.

Identity and architecture

The architecture of London’s urban sprawl often crosses paths with the identities of those that call it home, with both moulding each other in equal measure. Fewer properties demonstrate this as well as one of our latest luxury developments; Pinks Mews.

The Dyers Buildings

dyers-buildings-pastCradled on a private road in the Dyers Buildings conservation area, Pinks Mews preserves the intimate courtyards that characterised High Holborn’s 17th century urban topology. A second home to London’s legal profession, the area once played host to imposing buildings dedicated to the study and practise of law, connected by intertwining squares and alleyways. Law still stands as an integral part of Holborn’s identity to this day. What’s more, the unmistakable charm of Pinks Mews’ Victorian architecture harks back to the charismatic inns and courts of historic Britain.

The six Grade II listed properties that make up the Dyers Buildings have a rich heritage of their own, rooted in one of the nations’ oldest pursuits – fox hunting. The tailcoats of elite hunts-masters were a staple of day-to-day life in these properties, as dyers worked tirelessly to give the fabrics their trademark shade of scarlet. Dubbed ‘hunting pinks’, these distinctive uniforms are now the namesake of Pinks Mews.

Whilst the dyers have come and gone, the Dyers Buildings in Holborn have remained partisans of the neighbourhood’s creative and industrial identity. Their period architecture has since been reimagined as alms-houses, workshops, solicitor’s offices and more, naturally evolving with the ebb and flow of London’s shifting landscape.

Pinks Mews

pinks-mews-interior-aerialAn enclave of thirty-five impressive apartments, penthouses and loft-style properties, Pinks Mews echoes the air of opulence once housed within its 20th century façade. State of the art appliances, bespoke joinery, Italian marble and a 24-hour concierge offer the perfect complement to the lifestyle of London’s modern-day elite.

The neighbouring area of Holborn continues to serve as a pillar for London’s lawyers, thanks to the presence of several exceptional firms and connections across London from nearby Chancery Lane and Farringdon stations.

Prices at Pinks Mews range from £995,000 to £2,750,000. For further information or to arrange a viewing to see the stunning architecture for yourself, contact James Burrows at CBRE (020 7420 3054) or visit the Pink Mews website to register your interest.

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