A Sophisticated Strategy

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Genuine JV Partnerships

Sons & Co. has been created to enable investors to enter the market successfully by taking advantage of the extensive skills and expertise offered by our team.

As well as assisting new investors, Sons & Co. can offer the same skills to those who already hold individual properties or development opportunities.

Sons & Co.’s business model is simple:

  • Fees are on a cost recovery basis
  • Profit generation is through sharing of upside with investors and a back-ended promote structure
  • Focus is to build long-term relationships with a select number of investors
  • Profit, not volume, is the key business driver. Sons & Co. will operate a lean head office in order to ensure alignment of interests with investors

Investor Relations

Sons & Co. has a management team that is highly experienced in dealing with the requirements of institutional and sophisticated investors.

Our financial appraisals are robust, detailed and include a sizeable contingency.

On this basis, we look for a return of at least 1.5 times equity investment  and a minimum 20% IRR on equity with a sensible and attainable amount of leverage.

The Sons & Co. team has a reputation for being able to move quickly and is straightforward to deal with and, as a result, the team is often the first port of call for prime London residential developments. In this regard, we request our investors to respond to our initial investment summary document over a relatively short period of time.

We are keen to build relationships with investors at an early stage where we can share in more depth our business strategy, our proposed JV Heads of Terms and Sons & Co.’s development management agreement.

Sons & Co. can manage the entire structuring process including tax. In every case, each purchase will be placed in its own special purpose vehicle (SPV).

Investment Process

  • Teaser Initial two-page Teaser sent to potential investors. It will provide the initial financial appraisal, investment rationale and further available information.
  • Investment Memorandum Full Investment Memorandum document sent to committed investors. This will have had Sons & Co. Board approval. At this stage we also will distribute the working financial model.
  • Bid Written confirmation from investor that they are comfortable with us submitting a bid on the JV’s behalf, ideally within 72 hours.
  • Exchange Assuming our bid is accepted, we will then prepare and share a detailed Site Development Pack, negotiate and sign Joint Venture Head of Terms and agree on our proposed professional advisors with our investors before exchanging on the purchase.
  • Completion New SPV is created (the location of which will be dependent on tax advice) and acquires the development.
  • Post-Completion Reporting will be geared to the individual investor requirements in terms of level of detail and frequency. As a minimum, the reporting will contain the following:
    • Flash monthly updates
    • Quarterly Board reporting
    • Ad hoc milestone updates