HBRE’s Caan and Butt sign joint venture with Sons & Co. to capitalise on Prime Central London residential development

Holding a track record of over 20 years in the luxury property market, recently re-branded Sons & Co announce their partnership with founder of Hamilton Bradshaw, James Caan and co-founder Faisal Butt, with plans to seek and invest in the most unique and desirable properties in London.

In a statement from HBRE, “James Caan & Faisal Butts of Hamilton Bradshaw Real Estate and its partner institutions have initiated a program of investment amounting to £200M to be deployed in Central London over the next 24 months through their latest joint venture, Sons & Co.”

Formerly known as L&H and founded by brothers Alexander and Christian Stocker alongside Simon Roberts and newly incorporated Financial Director, Patrick Bamford, the company has recently undergone a complete rebranding. Their portfolio contains a completed 5-storey house in Pont St. Mews and luxury apartments at 6 Palace Gate, whilst current work includes the conversion and refurbishment of Grade I listed Queen Anne’s Gate, St. James.

With ambitions to become one of the leading, niche property developers of residences in Prime Central London, the group aims to acquire spaces at a minimum of £2,000/sq ft with resale prices from £15-100M and at least 20% IRR on investors’ equity. The company’s ambitions to grow are matched by their reputation as seasoned professionals renowned for quality, originality and impressive high-end schemes. Sons & Co. are particularly distinctive for their dedication to the flow of space and their collaboration with craftsmen who have been honing their skills for generations; getting the best out of people and buildings, alike.

Commenting on the business, Alexander added: “As a developer, we like to focus on buildings that are complicated, unusual and architecturally special. Good design is all about space, flow and natural light, simple things which are often overlooked and too often compensated by bling.”

Their properties are not the only thing undergoing conversion as Sons & Co. has also hired former Head of Branding at Candy & Candy, Alex De Blonay, to emphasize their identity as a competitor in the luxury property industry.

The potential of Sons & Co. was identified by the venture capital duo at HBRE who have a roster of property-related investments such as 90 North Real Estate Partners, Ivy Gate and Accouter Group. Having noted the appetite of ultra-wealthy individuals to invest in PCL residences co-founder and Managing Director, Faisal Butt, stated: “I met everyone from the bottom to the top of the pyramid, and in Alexander, Christian and Simon we have an established team with all the skillsets needed to take a transaction from start to finish.”

Both HBRE and Sons & Co. are optimistic about their partnership, the future and the growth and potential of the city, as Alexander Stocker discusses: “Generally you are not allowed to build high rise like you can in other global cities and there are moves now to restrict on building down. You are also limited by vast swaths of conservation areas and listed buildings – supply simply cannot catch up.

“At the same time, ultra-high net worth individuals are still worried about wealth erosion – and at the moment there are not many places on the planet where they can safely store their money. Prime Central London property has shown its credentials by consistently performing over the long-term, and we expect it to continue to be part of a diverse investment portfolio for the foreseeable future.”